About us

The Christchurch Fellowship of Churches has been in existence for over 25 years. It is our aim to encourage and support each church in its life and witness and whilst respecting the diversity amongst us, to seek to cooperate in outreach and service to our community. We do so in the following ways, recognising that such fellowship is only possible by the work of God's Holy Spirit:

The regular bi-monthly Forum Meeting of church representatives
Fellowship Suppers, usually held twice a year
United Celebration Services held in each church in rotation
Networking information about church and community projects
Participating in the Christchurch Community Partnership initiatives
Uniting at times in special events and projects

In the past, our special events and projects have included:

The Bible Experience Exhibition
A March for Jesus
Christian musicals - 'Hopes and Dreams' & 'Here and Now'
Walk Wessex - 'the Walk of a Thousand Men'
The 'Jesus Live' schools project
The ‘LIFE’ Exhibition for Primary Schools
Visits of the Saltmine Theatre Company
The gifting of books to our local library

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